Digital Assets @ Duke - Selected Papers


Original research papers selected for Digital Assets @ Duke (DA@D) Conference - 20/21 January 23rd

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Digital Assets at Duke seeks to promote rigorous interdisciplinary academic scholarship around digital assets. To that end, we put out a call for papers ahead of the conference and we received many outstanding submissions. Below are four papers that we, the conference organizers, selected for representing the highest academic quality and for advancing novel arguments. We encourage you to review the papers ahead of the conference and speak with the author’s at DA@D!

Selected Papers and Authors

• Stablecoins and Deposit Insurance - Todd Phillips

• Angels and Devils: The Early Crypto Entrepreneurs - Darian Ibrahim

• SoK: Blockchain Decentralization - Luyao Zhang

• Ill-DeFined. An Exploration of whether stablecoins are a significant landmark in the Journey to fully-fledged Independent Currencies - Mark Le Page